Back in 1955 they said, "Rock 'n' Roll? It will be gone by June…"

Still proving just how wrong they were, UK singer-songwriter Matt MacGregor delivers show-stealing, high-energy live performances that are brimming with attitude. Seamlessly combining his past adolescent affection for indie guitar music with catchy vocal hooks and his love for blues, Matt brings you his own brand of contemporary rock & roll.


After moving around the south of England throughout much of his early life and playing in many different bands, Matt MacGregor settled in London to pursue a career as a soloist. After a while spent writing on his acoustic guitar, Matt set out to share his material. Performing shows extensively throughout London and the rest of the UK, Matt has honed his strong live performance which he delivers with as much vigour played solo with an acoustic guitar as he does backed by a full electric band. His powerful, emotive vocal style is heavily influenced by the passion and soul of Motown and blues music, which he was introduced to from a young age.


On and off-stage, Matt has an infectious energy and takes pride in all aspects of being an artist. He gives a heavy focus on thought-provoking and reflective lyrics, which are as sharp as the crease in his trousers. Taking inspiration from important lyricists like Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Alex Turner and Paul Weller, Matt shares honest thoughts and relatable stories formed from his life and the world around him.


Matt's debut single, 'Bad Girl', was released on 14th February 2020 with record label, Dasein. It is out now and available to stream and for digital download.